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Docker images for Stellar Bridge
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Docker-compose setup for Stellar Bridge Server

Get the Stellar Bridge Server up and running in a docker container.

Docker Tagging Convention

This will follow the version of bridge with the addition of the release number at the end. For example:

  • v0.0.17.0 (first v0.0.17 release)
  • v0.0.17.1 (there's a problem with the image; second release)


Put the bridge config file in config/bridge.cfg. You can start with config/bridge.cfg.sample.

If you want to try it with docker-compose, run docker-compose up.

If you're running on Kubernetes, you just need to mount a secret on /etc/bridge, so that the bridge.cfg file is available at /etc/bridge/bridge.cfg.

Run Locally

  • Build the docker image: docker-compose build bridge
  • Copy env.sample to env and replace variables
  • Run the bridge server: docker-compose up
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