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Bash installation script for developer environments

This is a rewrite of the Puppet recipes from vagrant-baseline to be used with kickstart.
It uses some utilities from kickstart, and it is the only requirement that prevents those bash scripts from running standalone on any machine.

On recipes you will find scripts that are shared among some different roles, like compiler and libs packages and so on.
On roles you will find the scripts to setup the different environments that baseline provides.
On files is the files that will be copied and modified sometimes on the target.


Instalation and usage

git clone
cd kickstart-baseline

# Point to a machine
kickstart deploy "-p 2222 root@docker" nodejs

# Or deploy locally
kickstart local nodejs

Current environments

Name Provides Works on Mac Extra information
clojure lein latest stable version includes java role
docker latest from x
elixir 0.11.2 includes latest erlang
erlang latest from
go 1.2.0
gradle 1.9 Includes java role
groovy 2.2.1 Includes java role
haskell haskell-platform from ubuntu's repo
io Latest io deb from io website
java 7 + maven 3.1.1 + ant 1.9.3
lua 5.2 + luarocks
mongo latest from 10_gen repo port: 27017
nodejs latest from ppa:chris.lea
postgresql 9.3 + devel package username: postgres password: postgres
prolog latest from ppa:swi-prolog/stable
python 2.7 + pip and virtualenv
rabbitmq latest from official apt repo port: 5672
racket 5.02 (January 2014)
redis from ppa:chris.lea port: 6379
ruby chruby + ruby 2.0
ruby193 chruby + ruby 1.9.3
rust 0.8
scala 2.10.3 + sbt 0.13.0 Includes java role
sml smlnj 110.76
tools editors, version control, and others
zeromq 4.0.3

About Mac setup

The environments are basically using the homebrew versions provided.

Tested on:

  • Ubuntu
  • Docker
  • Mac


  • vagrant role should be passed before docker to put vagrant user into docker group.

Example outputs

$ kickstart local nodejs
Setting up Mac
Mac >> Running "brew update -y"
Mac >> Running "brew upgrade -y"
Mac >> brew command outputs will be suppressed. Check "brew info <package_name>" for caveats
Setting up nodejs
nodejs >> nodejs already installed
vagrant@nodejs:/opt/kickstart-baseline$ kickstart docker-create
For deploy: kickstart deploy "-p 2344 root@localhost" [roles]
vagrant@nodejs:/opt/kickstart-baseline$ kickstart deploy "-p 2344 root@localhost" nodejs
Setting up Ubuntu
Ubuntu >> Running "apt-get update -y"
Ubuntu >> Running "apt-get upgrade -y"
Ubuntu >> software-properties-common python-software-properties already installed
Ubuntu >> Check for presence of universe or add it
Ubuntu >> Running "apt-get update -y"
Ubuntu >> Running "apt-get upgrade -y"
Setting up nodejs
nodejs >> Running "add-apt-repository -y ppa:chris-lea/node.js"
nodejs >> Running "apt-get update -y"
nodejs >> nodejs already installed


To debug, prepend the command with DEBUG=1

DEBUG=1 kickstart local nodejs
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