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Docker Beacon Image

Run Beacon in Docker.


To do the thing:

git clone
docker build --rm -t bluedragonx/beacon docker-beacon


The following environment variables control how Beacon is run. They are mapped
to the specified config file directives. See the Beacon README for
additional details.

  • BEACON_SERVICE_HOSTNAME - The hostname the services are accessible at.
  • BEACON_SERVICE_HEARBEAT - How often to poll Docker. The service.heartbeat value.
  • BEACON_SERVICE_TTL - How long after a poll should a service expire. The service.ttl value.
  • BEACON_DOCKER_URI - The Docker URI to connect to. The docker.uri value.
  • BEACON_ETCD_URI - The etcd URI to connect to. The etcd.uri value.
  • BEACON_ETCD_PREFIX - The etcd prefix. The etcd.prefix value.
  • BEACON_LOG_LEVEL - The logging level to use. The logging.level value.
  • BEACON_LOG_CONSOLE - Whether or not to enable console logging. The logging.console value.
  • BEACON_LOG_SYSLOG - Whether or not to enable syslog logging. The logging.syslog value.


Copyright (c) 2014 Ryan Bourgeois. Licensed under BSD-Modified. See the LICENSE

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