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Web GUI dev starter container
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The image is prepared to be used in web GUI development, it is suggested to use a fig.yml to link this container with other web and db/cache/message-queue containers and mount the source code for your project.

See a prepared basic setup using Fig. You can also find the Dockerfile of this container there.

1-2 Step

  1. Upon running the container, mount your src directory using -v, --volume option into $PROJECT_DIR. (use volumes: ... in a fig.yml)

  2. [optional] If you are starting a new project, after mounting the src volume, use yo (yeoman) and available project generators.

Global packages

  • babel (6to5)
  • yo
  • bower
  • grunt-cli
  • gulp
  • browser-sync

Working Directory (inside container)

$PROJECT_DIR = /code


For back-end development, use the bluekvirus/django or bluekvirus/express container and link through a fig.yml orchestration script using Fig.

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