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Automated build of Varnish with Docker

Think.. what if we used varnish instead of socat in the ambassador image?

$ docker run --rm --name endpoint_cache -P --link endpoint:endpoint bluepeppers/varnish

Voila, caching your http endpoint with the default varnish config:

$ time curl $(docker port endpoint_cache 80)/some/slow/endpoint -o /dev/null
real    0m30.838s
user    0m0.022s
sys     0m0.015s
$ time curl $(docker port endpoint_cache 80)/some/slow/endpoint -o /dev/null
real    0m0.030s
user    0m0.029s
sys     0m0.001s

Of course, still doesn't excuse that endpoint taking 30 seconds, but, you know,
the demo's tomorrow! and the CEO just wants it working!


  • Allow something that isn't the default varnish config in a semi graceful manner.
  • Handle multiple backends?
  • Purging the cache (oh, so restarting it isn't good enough? eh?)
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