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Short Description
DirtyvCC is a python wrapper around ovftool to assist with migrating workloads to the vCloud Air Cloud.
Full Description

DirtyvCC utilizes the following tools:

A wrapper was written in Python around OVFTOOL utilizing the pyshere SDK to connect to a vCenter endpoint, enumerate all VMs and then allow you select a VM from migration to the specified vCD endpoint.


docker pull bluzytrix/dirtyvcc
docker run -i -t bluzytrix/dirtyvcc /bin/bash
<now in container>
cd /dirtyvcc
python -h <- Run the help dialog

Two Modes:

By default dirtyvcc will export the OVF file from vCenter into the docker container and then push it up into the cloud. Should the import into the cloud fail, the final command run will be printed to the command line giving you an easy way to re-run OVFTOOL to try the import again.

If you specify the -streaming option, the exported VM is automatically streamed to the vCD endpoint.

Docker Pull Command