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netboot/ pxeboot helper app for Ubuntu amd64 systems
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This image contains the tftpd-hpa service and pxeboot binaries to install Ubuntu amd64 systems via a network connection.

In addition you will need a dhcp server running on your network, that tells pxeboot clients where the pxeboot binaries/ images are located. In this case it would be host where this Docker application.

Those instructions are not included in this image.

start the docker application with:
docker run --name pxeboot -p 69:69/udp --rm -it bnaef/pxeboot /bin/bash

on the terminal console start tftpd-hpa with /etc/init.d/tftpd-hpa start

next fireup the box to which you want to load Ubuntu amd64, making sure that pxebooting is enable in the bios.

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