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Collect task resource usage in mesos

This is collectd plugin and docker image to collect resource usage
from mesos tasks. Resource usage collected from mesos slaves and sent
to graphite installation.

You have to add collectd_app label with the application name to your tasks
to make it visible in graphite. Marathon 0.8.0+ and mesos 0.22+ support that.

Also make sure to check out docker image to collect metrics from masters
and slaves: collectd-mesos.


Mesos has an open issue
about incorrect CPU metrics. If you run programs that fork and die
from time to time, you would probably run into this issue. Check out
collectd-docker if you run
docker containers, it produces accurate and detailed metrics.

Reported metrics

Metric names look like this:



  • cpus_limit
  • cpus_system_time_secs
  • cpus_user_time_secs
  • mem_limit_bytes
  • mem_rss_bytes

Grafana dashboard

Grafana 2 dashboard is included, you can change mesos apps
and switch to individual tasks to see resource usage.

Graphite metrics extracted from the dashboard

CPU usage per task
  • Limit
alias(averageSeries(collectd.*.mesos-tasks.$app.$task.gauge.cpus_limit), 'limit')
  • Per task usage
aliasByNode(scaleToSeconds(sumSeriesWithWildcards(derivative(collectd.*.mesos-tasks.$app.$task.gauge.cpus_{user,system}_time_secs), 1, 6), 1), 4)
CPU usage by type
  • System
alias(sumSeriesWithWildcards(scaleToSeconds(derivative(collectd.*.mesos-tasks.$app.$task.gauge.cpus_system_time_secs), 1), 1, 4), 'system')
  • User
alias(sumSeriesWithWildcards(scaleToSeconds(derivative(collectd.*.mesos-tasks.$app.$task.gauge.cpus_user_time_secs), 1), 1, 4), 'user')
Memory usage per task
  • Limit
alias(averageSeries(collectd.*.mesos-tasks.$app.$task.gauge.mem_limit_bytes), 'limit')
  • Per task usage in bytes
aliasByNode(collectd.*.mesos-tasks.$app.$task.gauge.mem_rss_bytes, 4)
Memory usage percent per task
  • Limit (hidden)
alias(averageSeries(collectd.*.mesos-tasks.$app.$task.gauge.mem_limit_bytes), 'limit')
  • Per task usage percent
aliasByNode(asPercent(collectd.*.mesos-tasks.$app.$task.gauge.mem_rss_bytes, #A), 4)


Minimal command:

docker run -d -e GRAPHITE_HOST=<graphite host> -e MESOS_HOST=<mesos host> \

Environment variables

  • COLLECTD_HOST - host to use in metric name, defaults to the value of MESOS_HOST.
  • COLLECTD_INTERVAL - metric update interval in seconds, defaults to 10.
  • GRAPHITE_HOST - host where carbon is listening for data.
  • GRAPHITE_PORT - port where carbon is listening for data, 2003 by default.
  • GRAPHITE_PREFIX - prefix for metrics in graphite, collectd. by default.
  • MESOS_HOST - mesos slave host to monitor.
  • MESOS_PORT - mesos slave port number, defaults to 5051.

Note that this docker image is very minimal and libc inside does not
support search directive in /etc/resolv.conf. You have to supply
full hostname in MESOS_HOST that can be resolved with nameserver.



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