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Updated tobitheo/ionic-build-android-ci-docker container
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What is this?

All this repo contains is a "Dockerfile" file used to generate a more up-to-date
container for ionic development.

It is based on an already existing (pre-generated) container hosted in tobitheo/ionic-build-android-ci-docker

As you can see reading the "Dockerfile", all we do here is fetching that
pre-generated container and updating the versions of both "cordova" and "ionic".


Simply download this repo and execute this:

$ docker built -t <some_name> .

Note that you will typically not want to do this yourself. Instead, this
repo is meant to be used by "", which will generate and host the
final container image for us, ready to be referenced by CI systems or by you
from the command line:

$ docker pull bocadillodeatun/ionic_docker:latest

The original tobitheo/ionic-build-android-ci-docker repo contains more details
on how you actually can use the container.

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