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Generic docker container to run arbitrary devstack services
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Generic docker container to run devstack services - currently
a PoC / toy and not ready for anything useful.

The idea is to provide a generic docker container
which can be used to run 1 or more specific OpenStack
services installed via devstack in the container.

Building the image

docker build -t devstack .

Yaml to devstack local conf

To simplify the creation of devstack's local.conf
this image contains a simple 'yaml to local conf' filter
which is capable of taking a yaml file as input and spitting
out a devstack local.conf as output.

See the sample local.yaml

Running the image

Right now the init command in the container expects a
local.conf or local.yaml to be make available
under /usr/local/devstack/ when starting the container.
It will look for local.yaml or local.conf and if
a yaml is found convert and write it to /home/stack/devstack
in the container; if local.conf is found it just copies it.

This allows you to bind mount your devstack local conf / yaml
into the container to conf devstack.

The init script also supports an env var called RESET which
when set (to anything) will clean up the previous devstack install
including deleting the git dirs before re stacking.

Example useage:

  • Create a local.conf or local.yaml on your host system
    which will drive the containerized devstack.

  • Run the container bind mounting your conf or yaml:

docker run -d --privileged=true -v ~/devstack/local.yaml:/usr/local/devstack devstack

Note that --privileged=true is needed by some services to perform
iptables and related commands which require Linux capabilities.

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