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SoftLayer Jumpgate WSGi OpenStack REST API proxy containerized
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Docker image to run SoftLayer Jumpgate; a WSGi application
which provides API adaptation between OpenStack REST APIs
and Cloud native APIs. Jumpgate in this image is served via

Also see the SoftLayer Jumpgate project page

Based on instructions from my blog

Jumpgate version

master branch pulls jumpgate git master which
can be found here

Building the image

docker build -t jumpgate .

Running the image

The jumpgate image it setup to bind on port 5000 inside the container's
network namespace, and thus you need to map it to a port on your host.

docker run -d -p 5000:5000 jumpgate

The Jumpgate image is setup with a random ADMIN_TOKEN which
you can find in /etc/jumpgate.conf inside the container.
This random token is generated on image build.

If you want to override jumpgate.conf settings in the container you
can attach a docker volume which contains a jumpgate.conf with conf
property overrides and map it into /etc/jumpgate/ in the container.

For example suppose you want to set the Jumpgate log_level to DEBUG and
set the admin_token to T0PSECR8T:

  • Create a jumpgate directory on the host which contains the jumpgate.conf

  • In that jumpgate.conf file specify any conf overrides you want to self. For

log_level = DEBUG
admin_token = T0PSECR8T
  • When starting the jumpgate container, map your jumpgate directory to
    /etc/jumpgate directory in the container:
docker run -d -p 5000:5000 -v /opt/jumpgate:/etc/jumpgate jumpgate
  • The resulting container will parse you bind mounted conf file after
    parsing the conf setup by the image build. This allows you to overrite
    any conf properties you want.
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