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strongloop image with zeromq.node
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This image was built as follows and derives from "strongloop/node" image:

Start container with reference to a workspace directory that contains our zeroMQ project with zeromq, libsodium
includes and binaries in the following directories:

  • /workspace/zeroMQ/lib/x86_64/
  • /workspace/zeroMQ/include

$ cd workspace
$ docker run -it -v "$PWD":/workspace strongloop/node bash

download master of zeromq.node

git clone git://

add the following build options in /home/strongloop/zeromq.node/binding.gyp for Linux target:

cd zeromq.node
vi binding.gyp

['OS=="linux"', {
'cflags': [
'-I /workspace/zeroMQ/include/',
'libraries': [
'-L /workspace/zeroMQ/lib/x86_64/',
'-lzmq -lsodium',


export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/workspace/zeroMQ/lib/x86_64/

make test

The following test should be successful to show that zeromq.node can use encryption

✓ should support curve
✓ should support null
✓ should support plain

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