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Container for a plain Icinga2 Core
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Installs an working icinga2 Master or Satellite based on alpine-linux.

This Version includes also an small REST-Service to generate the Certificates for a Satellite via REST Service.

It also include an docker-compose example to create a set of one Master and 2 Satellites with automatich Certificate Exchange.

More then one API User can also be created over one Environment Var.



Your can use the included Makefile.

To build the Container: make build

To remove the builded Docker Image: make clean

Starts the Container: make run

Starts the Container with Login Shell: make shell

Entering the Container: make exec

Stop (but not kill): make stop

History make history

Starts a docker-compose: make compose-up

Remove the docker-compose images: make compose-down

Docker Hub

You can find the Container also at DockerHub


The actuall Container Supports a stable MySQL Backand to store all needed Datas into it.

The graphite Support are experimental.

The dashing Supports create only an API User.

The Cluster and Cert-Service are experimental.

activated Features

  • command
  • checker
  • livestatus
  • mainlog
  • notification
  • graphite (only with API User)

certificate Service



new way (since 2.8)

You can use expect on a satellite or agent to create an certificate request with the icinga2 node wizard:

expect /init/node-wizard.expect

After this, you can use the cert-service to sign this request:

curl \
  --silent \
  --request GET \
  --write-out "%{http_code}\n" \
  --output /tmp/sign_${HOSTNAME}.json \

old way (pre 2.8)

To create a certificate:

curl \
  --request GET \
  --silent \
  --output /tmp/request_${HOSTNAME}.json \

Download the created certificate:

curl \
  --request GET \
  --silent \
  --header "X-CHECKSUM: ${checksum}" \
  --output /tmp/${HOSTNAME}/${HOSTNAME}.tgz \

You need a valid and configured API User in Icinga2 and the created Checksum above.

The generated Certificate has an Timeout from 10 Minutes between beginning of creation and download.

You can also look into rootfs/init/
For Examples to create a Certificate with Commandline Tools look into rootfs/init/examples/

supported Environment Vars

Environmental Variable Default Value Description
MYSQL_ROOT_USER root MySQL root User
MYSQL_ROOT_PASS randomly generated MySQL root password
IDO_DATABASE_NAME icinga2core Schema Name for IDO
IDO_PASSWORD randomly generated MySQL password for IDO
CARBON_HOST - hostname or IP address where Carbon/Graphite daemon is running
CARBON_PORT 2003 Carbon port for graphite
ICINGA_CLUSTER false Icinga2 Cluster Mode - enable a Master / Satellite Setup
ICINGA_MASTER - The Icinga2-Master FQDN for a Satellite Node
ICINGA_PARENT - The Parent Node for an Cluster Setup
BASIC_AUTH_USER admin both BASIC_AUTH_* and the ICINGA_MASTER are importand, if you
BASIC_AUTH_PASS admin use and modify the authentication of the icinga-cert-service
ICINGA_API_USERS - comma separated List to create API Users. The Format are username:password
(e.g. admin:admin,dashing:dashing and so on)
ICINGA_CERT_SERVICE false enable the Icinga2 Certificate Service
ICINGA_CERT_SERVICE_BA_USER admin The Basic Auth User for the certicate Service
ICINGA_CERT_SERVICE_BA_PASSWORD admin The Basic Auth Password for the certicate Service
ICINGA_CERT_SERVICE_API_USER - The Certificate Service needs also an API Users
ICINGA_CERT_SERVICE_SERVER localhost Certificate Service Host
ICINGA_CERT_SERVICE_PORT 80 Certificate Service Port
ICINGA_CERT_SERVICE_PATH / Certificate Service Path (needful, when they run behind a Proxy
ICINGA_SSMTP_RELAY_SERVER - SMTP Service to send Notifications
DEMO_DATA false copy demo data from /init/demo-data into /etc/icinga2 config path
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