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Minimal CentOS 6 (latest) image that runs puppet agent looking for a local master named "puppet"
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A minimalist Puppet agent built on CentOS 6 that downloads and installs puppet agent from local short name "puppet" (DNS points to local PE master) and runs puppet agent in foreground (not daemonized). Essentially this uses puppet agent as init and asks the puppet master how it should be classified and runs accordingly. It is based on CentOS 6 with upstart instead of systemd. Though it runs no init, commands like "service <service> start/stop/status" still run fine and standard puppet agent can maintain services accordingly. When using CentOS 7 or other distros based on SystemD, puppet agent can't use commands such as "systemctl status <service>" as they complain about no systemd response. This may work better if you're using CoreOS Rocket (rkt) or systemd-nspawn but for docker/kubernetes CentOS/RHEL 6 is a great fit.

While this image is minimalist, its size may not be ideal for large scale production microservices. That said this makes a very nice kubernetes base image for use with puppet pod orchestration.

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