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Docker image for Oracle Database
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  • Provide an easy way to build a lightweight Docker image for Oracle Database.
  • Just run a database and skip the complexities of installation and configuration.


  • docker run creates and starts up a new database or the existing database, if it is already created.
  • docker logs shows all the logs prefixed with log source (in the style of syslog).
  • Uses trap to handle signals and shutdown gracefully.
  • Data and logs are stored in /data so that -v /data could be used.
  • Total memory used by Oracle instance (MEMORY_TARGET) is set depending on --shm-size parameter.
  • rlwrap can be installed by running bash /tmp/install/ (+ 50 MB on disk).


Optional: if you are using Vagrant, you can use this Vagrantfile for your build environment.

  1. download and from and extract the archives to current directory.
  2. Execute the following lines in bash and wait ~15 minutes:
    git clone
    cd docker-oracle12c
    make all


Note: In the following examples oracle_database is the name of the container.

  • Create or run database and listener

    • Daemon mode

      # Create and start
      docker run -d --shm-size 1GB --name oracle_database -p 1521:1521 -v /data bofm/oracle12c
      # Stop
      docker stop -t 120 oracle_database
      # Start again
      docker start oracle_database

      Important: Always stop with -t, otherwise Docker will kill the database instance, if it doesn't shut down in 10 seconds.

    • Foreground mode

      # Start
      docker run -it --shm-size 1GB --name oracle_database -p 1521:1521 -v /data bofm/oracle12c
      # `ctrl+c` (SIGINT) to stop
  • Create a gzipped tar archive suitable for docker load (an archive of the image with a created database and without volumes)

    It is recommended to use large (>=20GB, the default is 10GB) Docker base volume size, for which Vagrant with Vagrantfile can be used.

    # Build everything and save the created image to a file.
    #   This will echo something like this:
    #     Image saved to: /some/path/docker_img_oracle_database_created_YYYY-MM-DD.tgz
    make all docker-save
    # The saved image can be loaded from the file
    # The image will be loaded with tag bofm/oracle12c:created
    docker load < docker_img_oracle_database_created_YYYY-MM-DD.tgz
    # Run the image in the new container
    # Daemon
    docker run -d --shm-size 1GB --name oracle_database -p 1521:1521 bofm/oracle12c:created
    # Foreground
    docker run -it --shm-size 1GB --name oracle_database -p 1521:1521 bofm/oracle12c:created
  • Logs

    # Check all the logs in one place
    docker logs oracle_database
    # Check alert log
    docker logs oracle_database | grep alertlog:
    # Check listener log
    docker logs oracle_database | grep listener:
  • SQL*Plus, RMAN or any other program

    # Bash
    # as root
    docker exec -it -u root oracle_database bash
    # as oracle
    docker exec -it oracle_database bash
    # Run sqlplus in the running container
    docker exec -it oracle_database sqlplus / as sysdba
    # Run rman in the running container
    docker exec -it oracle_database rman target /
    # Run sqlplus in a separate container and
    # connect to the database in the linked container
    docker run -it --rm --link oracle_database:oradb bofm/oracle12c sqlplus sys/sys@oradb/ORCL as sysdba
  • Start listener only (not sure if anybody needs it :) )

    docker run -d --name listener -p 1521:1521 bofm/oracle12c listener
    # Or link it to the running container
    docker run -d --name listener -p 1521:1521 --link <database_container> bofm/oracle12c listener


  • Tested on Docker 1.12

Limitations and Bugs

  • --shm-size option is required to mount /dev/shm to use Oracle's automatic memory management.
  • Oracle Database doesn't work with Docker ZFS storage driver by default. Check this issue for the workaround.
  • Database options and sample schemas installation through DBCA is a mystery. In this repo dbca is run with -sampleSchema true and db_template.dbt contains this line <option name="SAMPLE_SCHEMA" value="true"/>, but nothing happens, the database is always created without sample schemas. Well, that's Oracle Database after 30+ years of development.



  • create new databases faster
  • use spfile?
  • EM DBconsole
  • Archivelog mode option?
  • syslog-ng or rsyslog, maybe?
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