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Status Service is a small node js app that stores up/down information about remote services.
Full Description

Service-Status Microservice

This service accepts json requests sent to /api/status by a service or application on a remote host. Results are grouped by hostnames of the sending host. The root document will return a single page app with the current reporting services.

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Node js service running on top of node:argon. The node service runs on port 80 within the container. All http routes can be found within the project docs on GitHub.

Run the Container

  1. Build the container: docker build -t $REPO/status-service .
  2. Start the container: docker run -d -p 8081:80 bondanthony/status-service
  3. Access the endpoint: http://dockerhost:8081/
  4. Post some data to http://dockerhost:8081/api/status

Example Usages

POST request: GUI debuggers (i.e. Postman)

You would be submitting json objects in the body of the text. You also need to indicate in the headers that the Content-type is of "application/json".
POST - http://dockerhost:8081/api/status

  "host": "",
  "services": [
      "name": "brickyard api",
      "is_online": 1,
      "update_at": "2014-11-14T16:36:31Z",
      "mesg": "System Online: Average response 200ms"
      "name": "ords",
      "is_online": 1,
      "update_at": "2014-11-14T16:36:31Z",
      "mesg": "Oracle REST is open for business"

POST request: Commandline debuggers (i.e. curl)

curl -H "Content-Type: application/json" -d '{"host": "","services": [{"name": "brickyard api","is_online": 1,"update_at": "2014-11-14T16:36:31Z","mesg": "System Online: Average response 200ms"},{"name": "ords","is_online": 1,"update_at": "2014-11-14T16:36:31Z","mesg":"Oracle REST is open for business"}]}' http://localhost:3000/api/status

Live Tests

You can run live tests against our development version HERE. Commits pushed to master will be deployed to this instance.


Please feel free to contribute to the project. All we ask is you follow our standards when developing against this project, visit the contributing page.

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