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Marmotta dockerhub test auto webhook - accumulo backend
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Apache Marmotta Webapp Launcher

This folder contains a JavaEE Web Application for launching Marmotta in any Servlet (>=3.0) container.

Further details at the src/main/doc/README.txt file.


For building the WAR just execute:

mvn package

and you'll find the WAR file at target/marmotta.war.


The build also provides supprt for Debian packages, just append the profile to the regular build command:

mvn package -Pdebian

and you can find the .deb file under target/.


It also comes with support for creating a Docker images that you can user for developing or testing:

  • Build the launcher: mvn package
  • Build image: docker build -t marmotta .
  • Run the container: docker run -p 8080:8080 marmotta
  • Access Marmotta at localhost:8080/marmotta (IP address may be different,
    see point bellow).

If you want to further work with the container, here some basic instructions:

  • List running containers: docker ps (appending --filter "ancestor=marmotta shows only the marmotta images, -a lists all)
  • Get details about the container: docker inspect CONTAINER_ID
  • Get basic statistics about the container: docker stats [CONTAINERID]
  • Commit the container changes to a new image: docker commit [CONTAINERID] my-marmotta
  • Stop the container: docker stop [CONTAINERID]
  • Start again the container: docker start [CONTAINERID]
  • Remove a container: docker rm CONTAINER_ID
  • Remove all containers docker rm $(docker ps -a -q)
  • List all images: docker images
  • Remove an image: docker rmi IMAGE_ID
  • Remove all images: docker rmi $(docker images -q)

For further instructions, please take a look to the Docker User Guide.

@@TODO@@: push it to asf or docker hub

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