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openSUSE docker base image that is automatically rebuilt weekly to include all updates and thus avoid unnecessary bloat and build times in child images.


As new non-rolling versions are released they will be placed in the lastest tag in the Docker repository in addition to a new permentant tag created for the new release.


Currently provided tags:

  • tumbleweed
  • latest (13.2)
  • 13.2 or harlequin
  • 13.1 or bottle


If you always want the latest openSUSE version then either reference the latest tag or no tag which implies latest.

FROM boombatower/opensuse

Otherwise, a specific version (>= 13.1) can be referenced using the version as a tag.

FROM boombatower/opensuse:13.2

The rolling release, Tumbleweed, can also be utilized for the latest stable software updates beyond static releases.

FROM boombatower/opensuse:tumbleweed

Following the recommendation of the official image creators zypper refresh was invoked with the option to import gpg keys so further zypper commands, such as package installation, should work nicely.

docker registry

The Docker registry repository can be found at

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