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Drupal 6/7/8 - highly configurable Ubuntu 14.04 la(m)p
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Please see the doc on Github,, file issues there too

Simplest form, start a D7 container:

docker run -td boran/drupal

Interactive shell

docker run -ti boran/drupal /bin/bash

Start a container that listens on the public port 8003, give it a name:

docker run -td -p 8003:80 --name drupal8003 boran/drupal

Setting the admin password and Drupal site name:

docker run -td -p 8003:80 -e "DRUPAL_ADMIN_PW=foo" -e
"DRUPAL_SITE_NAME=My Super site" --name drupal8003 boran/drupal

Drupal 6 can be installed, the DB can be external ... there are many many installation variants, see the github README and the Dockerfile.

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