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APOSTL Docker Image
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Automated Processing of SAINT Templated Layouts

APOSTL Docker Image

The APOSTL Docker Image is a running version of Galaxy, Shiny and all of the APOSTL tools built on a CentOS 7 framework.

Within docker to get the image started use

docker run -p 8080:8080 -p 3838:3838 -ti bornea/apostl_shiny /bin/bash

The image will be running in interactive mode so you can change information in the /galaxy-apostl-docker/config/galaxy.ini.sample to reflect the network configuration. It is recommended that the galaxy server is started once in the interactive mode.

cd /galaxy-apostl-docker

Once the startup has completed escape with a Keyboard Interrupt and restart Galaxy in daemon mode and start the shiny server.

sh --daemon
sh ./

APOSTL should be accessable from a web browser at If using a non-linux OS then the IP is determined by how the docker virtual machine is set up.


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APOSTL support is provided by the Haura and Rix labs:

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