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Mahout Machine learning tool built from source
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Automated the steps at:

to build:

It is up to you to use this image to map in any data sets you want to operate on. For reference, until I put this out on github, here is my Dockerfile:

# This Dockerfile will build mahout
# To build this image using this Dockerfile, use:
# sudo docker build --tag="mahout:v1" .

FROM google/debian:wheezy


# this assumes running from the directory the installer is extracted to

# Need the volumes-from command in command line to ensure the code we classify is mounted as a volume

RUN apt-get update -q

# Don't know which ports mahout depends on, if any
#EXPOSE 9000

# from
# technically, mahout needs Java JDK 1.6, but this _should_ work
RUN apt-get install openjdk-6-jdk -yq
RUN echo "JAVA_HOME=/usr/bin" >> /etc/environment
# needs maven3, ironically retrieved through 'maven' package though 'maven2' exists. . .
RUN apt-get install -y maven
RUN apt-get install -y git

RUN git clone /src/mahout

WORKDIR /src/mahout

RUN mvn -Phadoop1 -Dhadoop.version=1.2.1 clean install

# drop this container into the path necessary to utilize the now trained ML models created by Mahout
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