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Docker container for Percona Toolkit development environment
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What is pt-docker?

It is a docker container with percona 5.6.32 server. This is mainly used for developing or running tests for the Percona Toolkit.

Running tests with Docker

For running regression tests with Docker. This is a fully setup container environment. All you have to do is install docker and execute a command.

How to run the tests with docker

Once you have installed docker, there are couple of ways to run the tests.

  1. Run all tests
    docker run -v <path-to-pt-sources>:/home/percona/percona-toolkit bosyotech/pt-docker:1.0
    path-to-pt-sources - is the path to your local git clone. This is mounted on the container at /home/percona/percona-toolkit so your code changes are immediately visible to the docker container for executing tests. This is mostly useful in fully interactive environment. (see below)
  2. Run specific test(s)
    docker run -v <path-to-pt-sources>:/home/percona/percona-toolkit bosyotech/pt-docker:1.0 t/pt-online-schema-change/rename_fk_constraints.t
    Note that you cannot interrupt the tests, ^C will not work in this case. If you want to be able to terminate the tests, add -it to the command.
    docker run -it -v <path-to-pt-sources>:/home/percona/percona-toolkit bosyotech/pt-docker:1.0 t/pt-online-schema-change/rename_fk_constraints.t
    For a fully interactive environment, run the following command to get a linux shell
    docker run -e RUN_TEST=false -it -v <path-to-pt-sources>:/home/percona/percona-toolkit bosyotech/pt-docker:1.0 bash
    In this mode, you will have to manually run the tests. All files are in /home/percona directory.
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