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Periscope's build image (used by proxsee, chatman and vidman)
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Contains Go 1.9.1, Redis 3.0.3 and Java 7.

This image is used for building prod binaries and for running tests.

Build and push a new image

docker build -t .
docker tag
pdocker us-west-2 push 
pdocker us-west-2 push
docker build -t -f Dockerfile-slim .
pdocker us-west-2 push

Docker Hub already picks up latest using a webhook, but you could manually push if you wish:

docker build -t bountylabs/golang-redis-java:latest .
docker push bountylabs/golang-redis-java:latest


If you get git-lfs errors while cloning/pulling this repo. It might help to update your git-lfs. If git-lfs is installed via Homebrew, this is simply:

brew upgrade git-lfs
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