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BuildBot master instance
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BuildBot is a continuous integration service based on Python. This Docker image
contains a BuildBot master setup.


Data container

Create data container:

docker run -d -v /app/data --name buildbot-data busybox

Run the BuildBot master:

docker run -d --volumes-from buildbot-data -p 8010:8010 -p 9989:9989 --name buildbot boxbox/buildbot-master

Host volume mount

Create the data directory:

mkdir ~/buildbot-data

Run the BuildBot master:

docker run -d -v ~/buildbot-data:/app/data -p 8010:8010 -p 9989:9989 --name buildbot boxbox/buildbot-master

Database and configuration

Both the state database and configuration files are stored in the directory
/app/data, which is available as a Docker volume.

If you are using a data container, you can edit the configuration by using the following Docker command, for example (replace vi by your favorite editor):

docker run --rm -it --volumes-from buildbot-data ubuntu vi /app/data/master.cfg

A few settings shouldn't be changed to prevent the image from breaking:

  • Port numbers (8010 for the web, 9989 for the slaves)
  • Database path (sqlite:///state.sqlite)
  • Configuration path (/app/data/master.cfg)


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