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Music bot for Discord that is ARM compatable. Based on
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MusicBot is a Discord music bot written in Python. It plays requested songs and if the queue becomes empty it will play through a list of existing songs.

How do I set it up?

Download and navigate into the latest version of the MusicBot using the following commands:
git clone MusicBot -b master
cd MusicBot
docker pull boxenofdonuts/musicbot

The folder we're in contains all of the bots files. Do not delete or rename any files/folders. We now need to configure the bot.
Inside the bot's folder is another folder called config. Open it, and then open the example_options.ini file. This is the file containing the bot's settings. All options are explained in the file. Make sure you save the file as options.ini after editing.

docker run --restart=always -d --name MusicBot -v $(pwd)/config:/musicBot/config musicbot
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The main configuration file is config/options.ini, but is not included. Simply make a copy of example_options.ini and rename to options.ini. See example_options.ini for more information on how to configure it.

Great, now how do I use it?

Download the bot, set the dependencies up, then run runbot.bat! (or on mac/linux) Read the tutorial if you don't know what to do.

If you have any errors, read the FAQ. If that didn't help, you can ask for assistance on the discord help server. Is is recommended to take screenshots so the developers can see errors.

Rhino Help Server

Some frequently asked questions are listed on the wiki here.

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