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A way to run Beersmith 2 on non-Debian based Linux distributions.
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Dockerfile - Use this to start Beersmith 2

Before launching

Before launching, you will need to have a .beersmith2 directory and Documents directory in your home directory. If you already have a Beersmith database with your recipes, equipment etc. leave it in, or copy it to ~/.beersmith2 and it will be used automatically. Make a backup first, just in-case, don't blame me for wiping out your database.

The only thing not working so far, at least for me, is sound. If you use the timer in Beersmith, the alarm will not sound. I would love some help on this if anyone can make it work.

Printing should work just fine, it should pick up the printers installed on the host machine. If you print to file or export any data, save them to the Documents directory, and they will show up in your ~/Documents.

Launching Beersmith

Use the following to launch. The first time it has to download and that will take a while, but after the first time, it will execute locally.

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