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Fake EC2 Metadata Service
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Fake EC2 Metadata Service

You’re developing an app that will run in a VM locally but relies on the EC2 Metadata Service for some part of its behavior when running in Amazon’s cloud. How do you run the same thing locally?

Enter the Fake EC2 Metadata Service, a simple Sinatra app that exposes some of the functionality running on

Setup on Linux

Create a loopback interface bound to (this probably needs to be run with root privileges):

ifconfig lo:0 netmask up

Now run the app:

docker-compose up

Setup on Mac

Docker for Mac doesn’t support the same type of networking features that it does on Linux, so we need a different process.

On El Capitan and Sierra, we can redirect outgoing traffic intended for back to the port forwarding set up by Docker.

+---------------------------------------------+          +-------------------------------------+
|HTTP Client                                  |          |pf                                   |
|  GET /latest/meta-data/local-ipv4 HTTP/1.1  +----------> Reroute outgoing traffic from       |
|  Host:                      |          | to  |
|                                             |          +-------------------------+-----------+
+---------------------------------------------+                                    |
+---------------------------------------------+          +-------------------------v-------+
|Docker port forwarding                       |          |pf                               |
|  Forward traffic from to     <----------+ Redirect traffic from           |
|  published Container Port                   |          | to  |
|                                             |          +---------------------------------+
       |Fake EC2 Metadata Service     |
       |   200 OK                     |
       |   …                          |
       |                              |

Create a file in /etc/pf.anchors/fake-ec2-metadata-service containing the following:

Packets = "proto tcp from any to port 80"
rdr pass log on lo0 $Packets -> port 8169
pass out log route-to lo0 inet $Packets keep state

Then, at the very bottom of /etc/pf.conf, load the pf rules:

load anchor "fake-ec2-metadata-service" from "/etc/pf.anchors/fake-ec2-metadata-service"

Immediately after the first Apple anchor, include the fake-ec2-metadata-service filter rules:

anchor "fake-ec2-metadata-service"

Immediately after the first Apple rdr-anchor, include the fake-ec2-metadata-service redirection rules:

rdr-anchor "fake-ec2-metadata-service"

The entire file should look something like this:

scrub-anchor "*"
nat-anchor "*"
rdr-anchor "*"
rdr-anchor "fake-ec2-metadata-service"
dummynet-anchor "*"
anchor "*"
anchor "fake-ec2-metadata-service"
load anchor "" from "/etc/pf.anchors/"
load anchor "fake-ec2-metadata-service" from "/etc/pf.anchors/fake-ec2-metadata-service"

Load and enable the pf rules by executing

sudo pfctl -F all -f /etc/pf.conf
sudo pfctl -E

Run the container by executing

docker-compose up

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