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Ubuntu UITK Gallery
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Ubuntu UITK Gallery - Docker image

Tested on Ubuntu (14.04, 15.04, 15.10, 16.04), Debian, and Fedora hosts. OS X support via Docker Machine is planned.


Download gallery and make it executable:

curl -L > gallery && chmod +x ./gallery


The gallery tool will automatically:

  • Install Docker if needed − remember to logout / login after this!
  • Fetch the code from the selected branch
  • Compile the project if needed
  • Run the gallery app

Run it without any parameter to use the default branch, lp:ubuntu-ui-toolkit/staging:


To use another branch, pass it as a parameter:

./gallery lp:ubuntu-ui-toolkit/trunk

Use the -g option to change the number of pixels per Grid Unit (8 by default):

./gallery -g 16
./gallery -g 16 lp:ubuntu-ui-toolkit/trunk

Use the -h option to see all the available options:

./gallery -h

Usage: ./gallery [-hc] [-i DOCKER_IMAGE] [-g GU_PX] [UI_TOOLKIT_BRANCH]

    -h              Display this help and exit.
    -i DOCKER_IMAGE Change the Docker image used to create the containers.
    -g GU_PX        Change the number of pixels per grid unit (to scale
    -c              Remove the containers and images created by the tool.
    -d              Verbose output for debugging purposes.
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