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Scumblr with Docker

This container is derived from

This repo contains everything you need to deploy a basic instance of Scumblr and Sketchy. Scumblr is a Netflix open source project that allows performing periodic searches and storing / taking actions on the identified results. Sketchy is a Netflix open source project that performs screen captures of a URL.

If you just want to quickly test the application, start with the deployment section below.


This section discusses required/optional configuration that can be done prior to deploying Scumblr. Configuration is broken up into the following sections:

  • API Keys (required for most Search providers to work)
  • Admin User (Setup admin credentials)
  • Database (Use a persistent database instead of the default ephemeral SQLite db)
  • SSL

API Keys

Scumblr requires API keys to function. Information on obtaining these keys can be found in the wiki, here:

Once obtained, these should be setup using environment variables (see Environment Variables below).

Admin User

The default configuration will create the following admin user:


These credentials can be set using the SCUMBLR_ADMIN_USER and SCUMBLR_ADMIN_PASSWORD environment variables (see Environment Variables below).


The default database will be an onboard SQLite db. This will work for testing but will be lost if the container terminates. To configure a permanent database use the environment variables (see Environment Variables below).


This docker container ships with a self-signed cert to be used for SSL. To use a custom key pair/certificate replace the server.key and server.crt files in config/nginx

Environment Variables

The following are environment variables available to configure scumblr:

  • SCUMBLR_HOST is the default hostname for scumblr (used for email notifications, etc.) i.e. ""
  • SCUMBLR_PROTOCOL is the default protocol, i.e. "https"

  • SCUMBLR_DB_TYPE is the database type, i.e. "mysql"

  • SCUMBLR_CREATE_DB runs rake db:create if true. For initial DB setup.
  • SCUMBLR_LOAD_SCHEMA runs rake db:schema:load. For initial DB setup. Will reset DB to default!
  • SCUMBLR_RUN_MIGRATIONS runs rake db:migrate if true. Will update database with migrations if included.
  • SCUMBLR_SEED_STATUSES creates a default set of statuses if set to "true"
  • SCUMBLR_SEED_ADMIN creates an admin user (admin@admin.admin/password) if no users exist and SEED_ADMIN set to "true"

  • SCUMBLR_ADMIN_USER sets the initial super user (defaults to admin@admin.admin)

  • SCUMBLR_ADMIN_PASSWORD sets the initial super user's password (defaults to password)

  • RAILS_ENV selects a rails environment (development, staging, production)

  • EBAY_ACCESS_KEY is the Ebay key, with information on how to obtain that here

  • FACEBOOK_APP_ID and FACEBOOK_APP_SECRET are the Facebook API keys. Information on how to get those is coming soon.

  • GOOGLE_DEVELOPER_KEY, GOOGLE_CX, GOOGLE_APPLICATION_NAME and GOOGLE_APPLICATION_VERSION are the Google developer keys, with information on how to obtain those here

  • YOUTUBE_DEVELOPER_KEY, YOUTUBE_APPLICATION_NAME and YOUTUBE_APPLICATION_VERSION are the Youtube developer keys. Information on how to get those is coming soon.

  • TWITTER_CONSUMER_KEY, TWITTER_CONSUMER_SECRET, TWITTER_ACCESS_TOKEN and TWITTER_ACCESS_TOKEN_SECRET are the Twitter developer keys, with information on how to obtain that here


This section includes instructions on creating and deploying a container running Scumblr and Sketchy.

  • Pull this repo from Github, build the container, and run it.
git clone
cd docker-scumblr

# Build the docker image
docker build -t scumblr .

#Run the container
docker run -p 80:80 -p 443:443 scumblr
  • Visit your server's domain name or IP in a browser

  • Login with the credentials you specified (or the default if not changed: admin@admin.admin/password)

Advanced Deployment

A more advanced deployment scenario is provided in the script. This will create a MySQL database container using the official MySQL repository in the Docker Hub, and will configure that database for UTF8 character set, which is critical if you will have any international search results. It will then spin up the scumblr container, linked to that database and set to use the local Sketchy.

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