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UI for creating and editing secrets in Kubernetes
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Secret Editor Web interface for Kubernetes

This is a web tool to edit Secrets in Kubernetes. A secret is a resource which contains one or several files encoded inside, which are then mounted to a pod. Defining those files within a YAML is complicated so we created this tool to edit them directly in the browser.

The application is plug & play. It uses K8S' service accounts to access the cluster, so no more configuration is needed.

How to deploy

We offer two options:

Directly deploy

We include YAMLs to directly deploy this tool in Kubernetes:

kubectl create -f k8s-secrets-editor.yml

( If your kubernetes cluster version < 1.6 )

kubectl create -f pre16-k8s-secrets-editor.yml

And enjoy it at http://SERVICE_IP_ADDRESS or mapping the port to your local

kubectl --namespace kube-system port-forward <POD_NAME> 8080:80

Just pull the image

You can also just pull the Docker image (bqitdevops/k8s-secret-editor) and deploy on your own.

It will only work if deployed to Kubernetes as it uses injected service account and environment variables to connect to K8S API service.

docker pull bqitdevops/k8s-secret-editor


As it will be used to manage sensitive information, we secured the access to the web with basic http authentication:

  • User: admin
  • Password: Defined in the environment variable ADMIN_PASSWORD. If you are deploying with the file k8s-deployment.yaml, by default it is admin
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