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Run neutron-db-manage in a container, connect to a MariaDB container for testing the DB locally
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Create network to use for containers wanting to connect to mysql db container

docker network create -d bridge mysql-network

MySQL Containers

MariaDB container connected to mysql-network

docker run --name neutron-db --net mysql-network -e MYSQL_ROOT_PASSWORD=stackdb -d mariadb

To execute mysql commands on this db through a mysql shell you can run

docker run -it --net mysql-network --name mysql-shell mariadb sh -c 'exec mysql -h neutron-db -uroot -pstackdb'

To run one off mysql commands you can run

docker run -it --net mysql-network --rm mariadb mysql -h neutron-db -uroot -pstackdb -e "INSERT_MYSQL_COMMAND_HERE"

neutron-db-manage Container

docker run -it --net mysql-network --rm bradleyjones/neutron-db-manage-docker ADD_ANY_NEUTRON-DB-MANAGE_PARAMS_HERE

If you run this container without any additional params it will run neutron-db-manage current

Create DB before testing

You have to create the neutron DB neutron-db-manage uses to test:

docker run -it --net mysql-network --rm mariadb mysql -h neutron-db -uroot -pstackdb -e "create database neutron;"


for some useful aliases to add to your environment.

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