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HomeSeer 3 for Linux running as a container under Mono (self-updating)
Full Description

For persistent storage, bind a volume to the container /data.
Image auto updates to latest version from HomeSeer when starting.

Here is a list of ports that you may want to expose:

Port 80 WebUI
Port 10401 Speaker Clients
Port 10200 HSTouch
Port 10300 myHS

Running Example
docker run \
--name homeseer3 \
-v </path/to/data>:/data \
-p 80:80 \
-p 10401:10401 \
-p 10200:10200 \
-p 10300:10300 \
-e TZ='America/Chicago' \

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Comments (3)
3 months ago

Updated so now if you set the TZ it will do a dpkg-reconfigure which should update the /etc/timezone file

5 months ago

Thanks for this. Works great on my Synology DiskStation. One issue is that the HomeSeer timezone ends up hardcoded (and can't be changed) as America/Chicago due to /etc/timezone value in the docker container. I have to override with a -e TZ='Australia/Perth' and -v /volume1/docker/timezone:/etc/timezone:ro

Is there any way of sorting in the dockerbuild?

2 years ago

Any info on this?