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PlaneFinder client for forwarding ADS-B data from dump1090 to PlaneFinder
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Client-side container for forwarding ADS-B data from dump1090 to PlaneFinder.

It will connect to the dump1090 container and provide web interface on port 30053.

  • Web-based setup for easy configuration
  • Searchable and sortable tabular data view
  • Auto-updating log viewer
  • Live statistics and traffic visualisations
  • Low CPU and memory usage
  • Incredibly accurate data collection


docker run -t -i -p 30053:30053 \
  --link dump1090 \
  bradsjm/rpi-planefinder \
  --address=dump1090 --port=30005 \
  --sharecode=XXXXXXXXXX \
  --lat --lon \
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