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Practice Windows container hosting, a simple mvc application
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dotnet35, based of of Microsoft/aspnet:3.5 container image.

dotnet35 DockerFile

FROM microsoft/dotnet-framework:3.5

# copy compiled code into container
# build sent to /pub
RUN mkdir c:\\website
COPY .\\brettski4\\pub\\release c:\\website

WORKDIR c:\\website

# Add features
RUN powershell -Command Add-WindowsFeature -Name Web-Server; \
    Add-WindowsFeature -Name Web-Asp-Net45; \
    Invoke-WebRequest -Uri "" -Outfile "c:\ServiceMonitor.exe"

# Add sites
RUN powershell -NoProfile -Command Import-Module IISAdministration; \
    New-IISSite -Name "brettskicom" -PhysicalPath "c:\website" -BindingInformation "*:8088:"

EXPOSE 8088 

ENTRYPOINT ["C:\\ServiceMonitor.exe", "w3svc"]
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