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ELK server in Docker


  • Kibana 3.1.1
  • Nginx
  • Logstash server 1.4.2
  • ElasticSearch server 1.3.4
  • Oracle Java 7
  • Ubuntu 14.04 Trusty


  • Kibana/Nginx http server dashboard with ES proxy
    ** 80/tcp
  • Logstash ports implemented syslog input
    5000/tcp 5000/udp
  • ElasticSearch volume /data/elasticsearch containing data and log directories
  • ElasticSearch ports
    9300/tcp (transport) 9200/tcp (HTTP)


Instantiate Docker container

docker run -d -p :5000 -p :80 smatochkin/kibana

Find public port numbers for syslog input and dashboard access

docker inspect -f 'Dashboard port: {{(index (index .NetworkSettings.Ports "80/tcp") 0).HostPort}}' $(docker ps -ql)
docker inspect -f 'Logsink port:   {{(index (index .NetworkSettings.Ports "5000/tcp") 0).HostPort}}' $(docker ps -ql)
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