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Kafka Consumer Lag Checking (with ENV configuration)
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Burrow - Kafka Consumer Lag Checking

Burrow is a monitoring companion for Apache Kafka
that provides consumer lag checking as a service without the need for
specifying thresholds. It monitors committed offsets for all consumers and
calculates the status of those consumers on demand. An HTTP endpoint is
provided to request status on demand, as well as provide other Kafka cluster
information. There are also configurable notifiers that can send status out via
email or HTTP calls to another service.

ENV Configuration

This project makes Burrow's Docker containers configurable via ENV.
jwilder/dockerize is used to
interpolate ENV variables into a configuration template for Burrow.

Most configurations are exposed via ENV with notable exceptions listed below.
There may be a few that aren't exposed. Pull requests are welcome.

Common ENV Configurations

Most env vars are named exactly as they are in the burrow.cfg file.

  • Concatenate the section and variable name.
  • Replace all dashes with underscores.
  • Delimit multi-variables with commas ,.


Config ENV
[general]<br/>client-id GENERAL_CLIENT_ID=my-client-id
[kafka]<br/>broker KAFKA_BROKER=broker1,broker2

Non-standard Configurations

  • SMTP_ENABLE - Set to "true" to enable SMTP. (Unset SMTP configurations fail
    with non-descriptive messages.)

Notifiers require a more nested data oriented approach. The NOTIFIERS
environment variable accepts JSON data that enumerates the notifiers that will
be added to the configuration.

Only email notifiers are currently supported.


  "notifiers": {
    "email": [
        "to": "",
        "groups": [
        "interval": 60
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