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This image is created per SMAR 3452
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This image installs twisted app. The running environment can be reached with a web browser from the host on port 8080.

Once you are added as a developer for the brightmd docker hub account and added as a collaborator for this repo, you will be able to pull this test repo down locally.

Then you can get this test image up and running on your local machine by following these steps:
Steps to build twisted web server and view service:

  1. To view docker images available:
    docker images
  2. Get the image ID listed for the brightmdse.test image. To run the image (which installs and runs a twisted web server while exposing port 8080):
    docker run -d -P <image ID>
  3. You can confirm that the container is running by listing all the docker processes:
    docker ps
  4. You can see the logs of the container and view that the web server started up by:
    docker logs <containerID> *the container ID is listed from docker ps
  5. If you are running docker on OSX, then the container is actually running inside a virtual machine called docker machine. The containers run on the linux kernel so if you are running on docker on any other OS, a virtual machine will be installed. If you want to view the exposed twisted web service you will need the IP address of the VM by:
    docker-machine ls
  6. In your web browser, go to the IP address of docker machine with the port exposed on the container (docker ps to see the port). You should see the twisted web page.
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