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An ubuntu build environment for the Mattermost Pidgin Client Installer
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Mattermost Pidgin Client Installer

A unified installer for the Pidgin client and Mattermost plugin. Rather than
having to download and run two separate installers, this project bundles the
main Pidgin installer along with the Pidgin-Mattermost plugin to make your life
just a little easier.

Get It Here

The current version includes:

How to build

We use NSIS to generate the windows installers. The build runs on linux through a Docker image. Here are the steps to build a new installer:

Make sure you have Docker installed. You can learn more here.

and then:

$ git clone
$ cd mattermost-pidgin-client
$ docker run -v `pwd`/installer:/build/installer brightscout/mattermost-pidgin-client-build

The newly generated file should be found here: installer/Mattermost-Pidgin-Client-v1.0.exe

How to update installer versions

To update the embedded installers you will need to:

  1. Download the desired installer versions and place the files under ./installer/installers
  2. Update the installer/script.nsi file with the new version numbers:
!define PIDGIN_VERSION "2.12.0"
!define PIDGIN_MM_VERSION "1.1"

Made with ♥ by Brightscout

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