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Xen Orchestra
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Xen Orchestra Docker Container

stable 5.x branch of Xen Orchestra

Image Installation

From Docker Hub:

docker pull brijohn/xen-orchestra

From Source:

git clone
cd docker-xen-orchestra
docker build -t "xen-orchestra:latest" --rm --no-cache .

Running the Container

Create a set of volumes used to store the XO databases.

docker volume create --name xo-redis
docker volume create --name xo-server

Next launch the container using the previously created volumes.

docker run -d -p 8000:8000  -v xo-redis:/var/lib/redis \
-v xo-server:/var/lib/xo-server \
--name xen-orchestra brijohn/xen-orchestra

Log Files

Use docker's logging functionality to print out the xo-server log file.

docker logs xen-orchestra

Adding SSL support

If SSL support is needed, you will need to rebuild the container after modifying the xo-server.yaml
file by adding lines specifying the certificate and key file.

Example SSL yaml file

user: 'app'
      host: ''
      port: 8000
      cert: <path/to/cert/file>
      key:  <path/to/key/file>
    '/': '/app/xo-web/dist/'
    uri: 'tcp://localhost:6379'

For a full list of SSL/TLS options see: NodeJS:tls.createServer


Brian Johnson - Github -

Distributed under the GPL 3 license. See LICENSE for more information.

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