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Modified golang container to build with musl instead.
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This is a container to build golang static binaries with musl instead of glibc.


Check out your source files to a GOPATH compatible directory:

mkdir -p src/
git clone src/

Then build!

docker run --rm -it -v "$PWD:/go" -u "$UID:$GID" brimstone/golang-musl

Alternate build

For when another repo is included in a src directory, for instance, a submodule:

tar c src \
| docker run --rm -i -e TAR=1 brimstone/golang-musl \
| tar -x ./main

For when there's just source files in a diretory:
tar c . \
| docker run --rm -i -e TAR=1 brimstone/golang-musl -o main \
| tar -x ./main

Environment Variables

VERBOSE This makes the loader script more verbose


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