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Kubernetes creator: multi-mastered, properly networked, in any cloud. Using Apache Brooklyn.
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Just run the following, and you should have a Kubernetes cluster up in minutes:

docker run -d -p 8081:8081 brooklyncentral/brooklyn-kubernetes \
    --username brooklyn --password S3CR3T \


Replace the last line with the cloud ID (username or API key), credential (password or API secret key), and location for your cloud (either aws-ec2:us-west-1 or google-compute-engine or one of many many others).

You'll see information on the cluster being provisioned in the docker log -f <container> as it progresses. Or you can follow it:

  • in the UI ( http://localhost:8081/ ) using the username and password supplied (you can change those), or
  • with the CLI -- simply docker exec -ti <container> br in the same container

For background, see This image is brought to you by Cloudsoft who can offer supported, HA, and in-life managed blueprints for this and many more systems.

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