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Eclipse running the Cedalion Workbench, accessible through SSH with X forwarding
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This is a distribution of the Cedalion Workbench, an Eclipse plug-in for editing and testing Cedalion code.

About this Image

The image includes Eclipse, swi-prolog and sshd (the secure-shell daemon). A container based on this images will run sshd and accept SSH connections. It should run detached (docker run -d). For convenience, port 22 (SSH) of the container can be mapped to a port of the host machine (e.g., -p 4022:22) so that you do not have to track what IP address docker gave this container.

Running on Linux


  1. Install Docker.

Running it:

> docker run -d -p 4022:22 brosenan/cedalion
> ssh -X -p 4022 root@localhost
root@localhost's password: root

This should run Eclipse

Running on Windows


  1. Docker (see instructions here).
  2. An SSH client with X11 forwarding. I suggest MobaXTerm.

To run:

Docker Pull Command