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Docker for ARK: Survival Evolved
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Docker build of an ARK Surivival Evolved Server
Use docker pull brosftw/ark-survival-evolved:latest to pull the latest version of our ARK Image.
This image uses the arkmanager to manage ark!

Supported TAGS

1.6.32 latest Branch 1.6.32
1.6.27 Branch 1.6.27


  • Easy to install
  • Easy to configure
  • Easy crontab configuration
  • Easy mod installment


fast and easy to setup server:

download image
docker pull brosftw/ark-survival-evolved:latest

basic docker run
docker run -it -p 7778:7778 -p 7778/udp -p 27016:27016 -p 27016:27016/udp -p 32330:32330 -e SESSIONNAME="Your Server Name in Ark" -v /my/persistant/directory/path:/ark --name Containername brosftw/ark-survival-evolved:latest

the way we run our ark server
docker run -it -p <IP>:7778:7778 -p <IP>:7778:7778/udp -p <IP>:27016:27016 -p <IP>:27016:27016/udp -p <IP>:32330:32330 -e SESSIONNAME="Servername" -e ADMINPASSWORD="adminpw" -e BACKUPONSTART=0 -e TZ="Europe/Zurich" -v /my/persistant/directory/path:/ark -m 12G --memory-reservation 6G --name <containername> brosftw/ark-survival-evolved:latest

Docker run Options Default Value Possible Values Impact
-p IPADDR:Port:Port serveraddr. any IP fixed IPADDR
-e SESSIONNAME="name" ARKxxxx any name servername in ARK itself
-d none none creation of the container will not be shown
-e TZ="Your TIMEZONE" UTC Different Timezones like Europe/Zurich change Timezone of your server
-v /my/Persistant/Directory/path/:/ark none your path change volume path
-e Adminpassword="your PW" none eveything set your in game Adminpassword
--name xxx Container ID any name set docker container name

Arkmanager Commands

All arkmanager commands can be found here!

check server status
docker exec <Containername> arkmanager status

start server update manuly
docker exec <Containername> arkmanager update --force

force save world
docker exec <Containername> arkmanager saveworld

start backup of your server manuly
docker exec <Containername> arkmanager backup

list Online Players
docker exec <Containername> arkmanager rconmd ListPlayers

install Mods
docker exec <Containername> arkmanager installmod <ModID>

update Mods
docker exec <Containername> arkmanager update --update-mods

Install Mods

To install mods use the command
docker exec <Containername> arkmanager installmod <ModID>

Now you need to edit the arkmanager config file.
vi arkmanager.cfg

Scroll down to the mods and remove the #.
Then insert your mod IDs
ark_GameModIds="mod ID, mod ID"


If you wish to configure your own automatic backup you can use the file in you persistant path
cd /my/persistant/directory/path

use your prefered editor to configure your crontab
vi crontab
example for your backup script
# backup the server at midnight
0 0 * * * arkmanager backup

Enviroment Variables

ENV Variable Default Value Possible Values
UID 1000 any possible uid
GID 1000 any possible gid
UPDATEONSTART 1 True = 1 False = 0
BACKUPONSTART 1 True = 1 False = 0
WARNONSTOP 0 True = 1 False = 0
BACKUPONSTOP 1 True = 1 False = 0
ADMINPASSWORD A Secred Admin Password
SERVERMAP TheIsland Any possible ark map


  • /ark
    • /arkmanager.cfg
    • /backup
    • /crontab
    • /Game.ini
    • /GameUserSettings.ini
    • /log
    • /server
    • /staging
    • /template

Configuration files

Ark configuration files can be edited

Arkmanager config (Mods must be added here as well)arkmanager.cfg

Normal Ark config file GameUserSettings.ini to configure your server settings

If extra configs are needed to configure your server use the Game.ini file


  • Port STEAMPORT: Steam port 7778
  • Port SERPORT: server port 27016
  • Port : 32330 : rcon port

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