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Short Description
A self-hosted, anti-social RSS reader.
Full Description

This is a Dockerfile for the stringer RSS reader. Concepts are heavily inspired by DonnieWest's Dockerfile, but uses an Alpine based image and adds some features.


$ docker run -d --name stringer -p 5000:5000 -v stringer-data:/data browncoatshadow/stringer

Environment Variables

  • 'STRINGER_FETCH_INTERVAL=10m' Sets the interval for fetching feeds. Defaults to 10 minutes if not set.
  • 'STRINGER_CLEANUP_INTERVAL=30d' Sets the interval for cleaning up old stories in the database. Defaults to 30 days if not set.

Custom Patches

I have included some custom patches for stringer in this image.

  • Unread news feed is sorted chronologically with oldest posts first.
  • Keyboard shortcuts for navigating feed lists do not loop around when reaching the end of a list.
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