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Freepbx 12.021 Asterisk 13 built on phusion/baseimage:0.9.15
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Freepbx runs on port 8009 by default (if i got it right)

Recommend you build from the Dockerfile and also fork to your own git repo then push to your own docker repo this way you can have control over the db password, web port, asterisk version used to suit your own situation. I also have stopped uploading the built image to Docker as it takes too long and fails regularly.

volume mount point for freepbx backups /etc/freepbxbackup

simple RUN example:

sudo docker run --name freepbx -v /place/to/put/backup:/etc/freepbxbackup --net=host -d -t brownster/freepbx12021

sudo docker run --name freepbx -v /place/to/put/backup:/etc/freepbxbackup --publish=SPEC -d -t brownster/freepbx12021


You can can add things like:

-e "ASTERISK_DB_PW=pass123"

More info at:

Docker Pull Command