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Core Setup Docker Images
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.NET Core Runtime & Host Setup Repo

This repo contains the code to build the .NET Core runtime, libraries and shared host (dotnet) installers for
all supported platforms. It does not contain the actual sources to .NET Core runtime; this source is split across
the dotnet/coreclr repo (runtime) and dotnet/corefx repo (libraries).

Installation experience

The all-up installation experience is described in the installation scenarios
document in the dotnet/cli repo. That is the first step to get acquantied with the overall plan and experience we have
thought up for installing .NET Core bits.

Filing issues

This repo should contain issues that are tied to the installation of the "muxer" (the dotnet binary) and installation
of the .NET Core runtime and libraries.

For other issues, please use the following repos:

  • For overall .NET Core SDK issues, file on dotnet/cli repo
  • For class library and framework functioning issues, file on dotnet/corefx repo
  • For runtime issues, file on dotnet/coreclr issues

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