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Ansible Containers for various OS.
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Ansible Docker containers

It is convenient to have a Docker image which is already configured to run Ansible in order to test playbooks for various gridcloud services. This is a repo for Ansible-ready containers automatically built on Docker Hub.

Different base images are used :

  • CEntOS 6
  • CEntOS 7
  • Ubuntu 14.04
  • Ubuntu 16.10

The images are automatically built based on the branch and Dockerfile names. These images are used to build other services in the AAROC/DevOps service registry.

How to use these containers

Local development

If you are working on Ansible playbooks which should be re-usable by others, you can test them with these images first, before pushing to the repo. Of course, this is also possible to do with a virtualenv if you are testing different versions of Ansible from pip.

Continuous Integration

If you are developing roles or playbooks for AAROC and performing Continuous Integration with Travis or similar, you can use these images as the base.


Docker images are often personal expressions of their author, and thus contain many of their flaws.
No matter how simple the image, there's almost always room for improvement:

  1. Please feel free to send pull requests for suggestions on optimising the build. These will likely be accepted if the resulting image is :
    1. smaller
    2. more secure
    3. builds faster
      without sacrificing functionality.
  2. If you find any issues or problems, please open an issue in the GitHub repo.
  3. If you would like to discuss any aspect of the code, start a topic on the discussion forum


If you use this work or derivatives thereof, please cite as :

Bruce Becker. (2017). AAROC/AnsibleContainer: Ansible Ready Container for DevOps [Data set]. Zenodo.

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