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demonstrator for gcc and llvm unified cross toolchains for ARM semihosted eabi
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This demo is just here to show how easy is to use clang/llvm compared to gcc. This Unified toolchain allows apple to apple comparison and benchmarkings by having both compiler sharing the same tree of runtimes

run as:

docker run -t -i bruelc/llvm-gcc-armeabi su - demo

You can then try the pre-installed toolchains, for example

arm-st-eabi-clang++ -O2 h.cxx -march=armv7-m -o c.u && arm-st-eabi-run ./c.u
arm-st-eabi-g++ -O2 h.cxx -march=armv7-m -o g.u && arm-st-eabi-run ./g.u

The compilers are installed in /usr/local/arm-llvm/bin

NEW: clang now support the V8 aarch64/aarch32 thanks to -m32/-m64 switch

arm-st-rtmon-eabi-clang -O2 h.cxx -march=armv8-a -m32
arm-st-rtmon-eabi-clang -O2 h.cxx -march=armv8-a -m64

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