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Docker image of the Project IMAS MDM Server
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All code contained in this image is by Project iMAS, part of the MITRE corporation.

iMAS is a collaborative research project from the MITRE corporation. In summary: iMAS is an iOS secure application framework research project focused on reducing iOS application vulnerabilities and information loss.

Overview of mdm-server

Instructions and code for setting up a simple iOS Mobile Device Management (MDM) server. MDM allows for OS level control of multiple devices from a centralized location. A remote administrator can install/remove apps, install/revoke certificates, lock the device, change password requirements, etc.

Docker notes

This image contains the end result of following the server setup instructions found here:

To get a properly functioning server you'll still need to perform the certificate setup instructions found here:

To run the cert setup run the image interactively like this:

docker run -it bruienne/mdm-server sh

Then once all openssl steps have been performed, commit the running container to a new image:

docker commit <name of container> <your-repo:tag>

Run the resulting fully configured image (on a publicly accessible IP):

docker run -d -p <your-repo:tag>

Hit https://<container-ip>:8080/ - rejoice!

Dockerfile is as follows:

# Project IMAS - MDM Server

MAINTAINER Pepijn Bruienne
FROM gliderlabs/alpine:3.1

COPY requirements.txt /

RUN apk add --update python python-dev libffi libffi-dev py-pip openssl openssl-dev build-base swig git perl

RUN pip install --allow-unverified cffi --allow-unverified ipaddress --allow-unverified enum34 --allow-unverified pyasn1 --allow-unverified idna -r requirements.txt

RUN pip install APNSWrapper --no-install --download /tmp && \
    pip install --allow-unverified docutils docutils && \
    cd /tmp && \
    tar zxf APNSWrapper*.tar.gz && \
    cd APNSWrapper*/ && \
    sed -i 's/SSLv3/TLSv1/g' APNSWrapper/ && \
    python install

RUN git clone /mdm-server && \
    cd /mdm-server && \
    git submodule init && \
    git submodule update

WORKDIR /mdm-server/server

CMD ["python", ""]
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