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Rxsavingsllc/Nginx Docker Container

Creating the files to build and run a custom Nginx container to use with php-fpm in for all of our Microservices.

Building the Image from the Dockerfile

To start, we run docker build -t rxsavingsllc/nginx . within the repository directory in the same place as the Dockerfile.

This image is based off of Nginx Inc's nginx Docker Image and sets up communication with php-fpm.

Running the Container from the Image

To use the image in production, we run docker run -d rxsavingsllc/nginx.

Make sure that the container is running by running docker ps to see the active containers. Then, run docker exec -it <most_recent_active_container> /bin/bash and replace <most_recent_active_container> with the newest container in docker ps to access the container.

Created Applications to Link to Nginx

Every application using nginx must have its own vhost defined in a volume at /data/nginx/vhosts/ and every vhost file must include 2 things:

####1. Include Line for Nginx Conf Files
At top of vhost file (not inside server block), add the following line: include /etc/nginx/addon.d/*.conf; to access Nginx's conf files there.

####2. Add Parameter Line to PHP Section
With the php section (~ \.php$) of the location block of the server block of the vhost file, add the following parameter: fastcgi_pass php-upstream; to the rest of the parameters there.

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